Staff at Leeds Cancer Centre offer a free service to patients, providing wigs and other items to improve well-being and self esteem.

Since 2020, Leeds Hospitals Charity has provided funding to provide free wigs for Leeds Cancer Support, a service at Leeds Cancer Centre that provides support for cancer patients.

For patients who undergo treatment that can often lead to hair loss, this can help reduce the financial burden of purchasing a wig through NHS prescription.

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Initially, over £70,000.00 was allocated and last year, thanks to donations, we provided an additional £50,000 to continue to offer all patients the opportunity to have a free wig. Over the past four years, Leeds Cancer Support has been able to provide 1,149 cancer patients with a quality wig which are fitted professionally by qualified hairdressers.

Blonde and brunette wig on mannequin head

Patients can also attend a monthly Hair Loss Workshop hosted by Leeds Cancer where attendees receive professional advice, guidance and support from the Hair Loss Support team. This is done in a safe and friendly environment with other people going through the same or similar experiences.

By funding the wigs, we are helping improve the overall well-being of cancer patients who may experience emotional and practical challenges with hair loss during treatment.

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The team have received hugely positive feedback from families and carers who shared how their loved ones have regained confidence and been able to overcome some of the emotional challenges associated with hair loss.  

A cancer patient who accessed the free wig service said, “I was amazed by how good the wigs looked and felt so much more self-confident about myself on this journey. It was purely down to kindness, empathy and knowledge that made me feel like this. I am very pleased with the wig the support team helped me choose. Thank you again, and of course to Leeds Hospital Charity, for making all this possible.”

Thanks to continued funding from Leeds Hospitals Charity, Leeds Cancer Support has been able to successfully implement a program that has significantly enhanced the lives of cancer patients. The provision of free wigs has not only relieved financial burdens but also contributed to a more positive and inclusive patient experience.  Leeds Cancer Support also aims to address health inequalities by offering people of all ethnicities access to the provision of wigs suitable for their individual needs.

Leeds Cancer Support (Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre)

Leeds Cancer Support (located within the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre) complements clinical care by offering information and a wide range of holistic support in a warm and welcoming environment. The centre’s services are available to anyone who has been affected by cancer: both patients and those supporting them. The centre benefits from specialist staff and trained volunteers who run services and meet patients and their carers.

Over the last year, charitable funding has continued to fund the provision of the hair loss service, which offers practical and emotional
support for people experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatments. Previously, clients would have to pay prescription charges for their wigs, with a cost of around £78.15, meaning some patients didn’t take up the offer of a wig, even though they would have liked to. Our funding has enabled Leeds Cancer Support to open up the service to every patient, regardless of their ability to pay.

For information about the services offered by Leeds Cancer Support at the Sir Robert Ogden Centre, visit the Leeds Teaching Hospitals website on the link below:

Leeds Cancer Support