Your gift today will make a huge difference to patients and their families at Leeds Cancer Centre.

Cancer diagnoses are on the rise, and melanoma is the fifth most common cancer diagnoses in the UK.

The ultrasound scanner would help give our patients peace of mind. They would be able to know more quickly if their cancer has returned or spread.

A gift today will help ease some of the anxieties and support someone living with cancer. Just think what a difference you can make. Your support can and will change lives.

We know that some people reading this might be affected by cancer and going through a difficult time.

Leeds Cancer Support teams offer a comprehensive range of support services, from information and advice to health and wellbeing therapies to anyone affected by cancer; patients, those supporting them and their families.

Call 0113 206 6498 or email [email protected] to find out more.

Once we’ve raised enough to purchase this vital piece of equipment, any donations received will be used where it is needed most to help respond to urgent requests like this from Leeds Cancer Centre.