Donate today to the Transplant Appeal and help change the lives of young people with kidney disease like me.

 - Megan, patient with kidney disease, 22 pictured above

Help young people like Megan be able to live their best life. Donate today.

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With your help we can invest in targeted and specialised support for young people aged from just 13 years old that attend Leeds Hospitals Renal Young Adult and Transition Service.

Your support will help increase the support, advice and information we are able to provide for young adults transitioning from children to adult services and support them to live well with kidney disease.

By giving a donation today you will be helping to support children, young people and adults that need transplants live a full and as independent life as possible. Wouldn’t that feel incredible?

From 2020 you must opt-out if you do not wish to donate your organs.

Want to know more about organ donation including how you could save up to nine lives?


We hope this appeal will raise enough to be able to support young people who need an organ transplant. All funds raised will be spent on providing the best transplant care possible for children, young people and adults here in Leeds.