Hey all, thank you for reading this.

Max Kuc is a little legend and if you know me you will know I was his childminder up until September 2020 when he was diagnosed with Liver cancer. He has a very rare condition called Hepatoblastoma, that affects only eight children in the UK each year. Unthinkably for such a young child he is undertaking chemotherapy post liver transplant, to save his life. The 16th February will be Max’s 2nd birthday, and to celebrate the occasion I have decided to cycle for the same amount of time he was in surgery for - 7hours!! (Plus some minutes but that’s still tbc!) in aid of the charity that have been so amazing at looking after him, Leeds Cares.

For a working and homeschooling mum of two this is not going to be easy. I only have three weeks to prepare/train (send help!)

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Beth Patterson
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