Our beautiful, brave daughter Olive was born prematurely at 28+5 weeks at the LGI on the 16th March 2021, and sadly passed on the 19th March 2021 due to complex and unexpected health conditions.

At the Leeds Children’s Hospital/LGI , in our darkest time, we (ourselves and Olive) were so well supported and cared for by the incredible doctors and nurses in the Delivery and Neonatal suites. We honestly cannot thank them enough for their kindness, expertise and sensitivity in what has been the most heartbreaking time of our lives. It wasn’t just the expert medical care that helped us - from a bedroom on the ward so we could be close to Olive through the time she was in hospital and have a calm private space, to arranging a photographer and helping us do some memory making and the important emotional support they provided - the care we received was second to none. We really experienced the epitome of true human kindness. Olive’s middle name “Amelia” actually came from one of her amazing consultants, who fought for her life and treated her with such amazing care.

In Olive's memory, we would love to raise money to help them deliver the same fantastic care to other families with poorly children like ours. The Neonatal Unit relies heavily on peoples’ generous charitable support to do they work they do - some of the equipment (such as the incubator and ventilator) which supported our daughter during her illness was purchased as a direct result of fundraising by others.

Olive will continue to inspire us to - like her - be brave and never give up. To cherish, take care of each other and have her tenacity through any adversity life throws at us. We will feel the pain of losing her for the rest of our lives. We are a family of three - Our daughter will always be a part of that, and she will never be forgotten.

Have the most beautiful, peaceful sleep, sweet Olive. We will always love you so much and will hold you in our hearts forever. We know it’s only goodbye for now, and we’ll be together again one day.

Jonathan & April ODwyer