Leeds Children’s Transplant Team is dedicated to supporting children and young people to participate in the annual British Transplant Games, which the Leeds Children’s Hospital transplant team attends for four days every summer.

Held in Leeds itself in 2022, transplant teams from across the country were able to enjoy a range of activities and sports, take part in the donor run and spend time together as a community. The games provide a unique opportunity for patients and their families to meet others who have experienced a similar journey, celebrate life after a transplant and remember donor families.

The success of Team Leeds in Britain meant they qualified for the World Transplant Games in Australia in spring 2023, and the charity was delighted to help fund the costs of those from Leeds who participated.

Four-year old Otis was born with biliary atresia, which causes scarring of the liver, and required a liver transplant at 3 months old. Otis took part in the 100 Days Fundraising Challenge in the run up to his first-ever Games this year, completing 1km on his bike.

"For the first couple of years of his life, Otis went through an incredibly tough time, and then COVID hit, so he hasn’t had the chance to be part of the Leeds Children’s transplant team. Otis is now at an age where he is starting to understand a bit more about his transplant, the Games and why he’s fundraising for charity."

Jon, Otis’ dad