Leeds Hospitals Charity is the working name of Leeds Cares, a charity (1170369) and a company limited by guarantee (10492128) registered in England and Wales.

The charitable Objects of Leeds Hospitals Charity are, for the public benefit:

  • To further any charitable purpose or purposes relating to the general purposes of the NHS Trust or the purposes of the Health Service
  • To promote, protect, preserve and advance all or any aspects of the health of the public
  • To advance and promote knowledge and education in medicine and health by engaging in and supporting medical and health research and the dissemination of the useful results.

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 does not apply directly to Leeds Hospitals Charity, as the latter does not fall within the parameters of the statutory requirement. It is, however, considered to be best practice for the Charity to make such a Statement as part of its ethical approach to conducting business dealings.

The Executive Directors are responsible for ensuring that Leeds Hospitals Charity complies with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. In doing this they will seek support from legal, human resources and procurement expertise, where necessary.

The following provisions also apply to LHC Enterprise Limited (regd no 13438357), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leeds Cares established to undertake trading activity.

We expect our Trustees and staff to abide by our commitment to identify and report any behaviour which might contravene the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and actively encourage them to raise any concerns.

To this end:

  • We have a clear Code of Ethics, published on our website.
  • We pay at least the national living wage to all employees.
  • We comply with Working Time Regulations (1998).
  • We carry out full identity checks on all new staff to ensure they have a right to work in the United Kingdom.
  • We have a robust safeguarding structure and referral process in place, with Trustee oversight.
  • We operate a full Public Interest Disclosure procedure.
  • We have a Volunteering Agreement and associated Policies.

We will only use suppliers and contractors who:

  • Encourage freely chosen employment.
  • Prohibit forced, bonded or indentured labour in accordance with Article 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), as it continues to apply under UK Law.
  • Do not engage child labour i.e do not employ any person younger than the minimum age permitted by the laws of the country where the person is employed.
  • Do not interfere with a child’s education or violate compulsory education law. Where income might be assumed to be derived from business activities, then the provisions of this Statement apply to the donor organisation. We have the following in place to ensure compliance: Page 2 of 3 August 2022 Position Statement: Modern Slavery Statement V1.1
  • Due diligence checks on suppliers and contractors via our procurement policy.  Prompt action where breaches of Terms and Conditions are suspected or detected.
  • A tendering process designed to exclude new suppliers and contractors where we have reasonable grounds to suspect that they might contravene the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
  • Training of relevant staff to identify occurrences which might breach the Modern Slavery Act 2015.