We work closely with Leeds Teaching Hospitals to ensure funding is awarded to projects that will have the most impact on patient care and wellbeing, making best use of charitable donations.

Below we have outlined the key steps in applying for standard funding. There is a different process if you are applying for Research & Innovation funding – please see here for the process and application form.

Application Process

We encourage you to read our Funding Guidance before applying.

1. Eligibility

We welcome applications from staff employed by Leeds Teaching Hospitals (LTHT) or holding a relevant honorary contract.

2. Idea

We encourage potential applicants to discuss their idea with their Line Manager and the Grant Funding team before preparing any paperwork. We also advise that you begin all relevant LTHT processes before applying to the charity (e.g. MSE1, MEP1, business case).

3. Relevance

We encourage applicants to consider how the proposal aligns with the criteria set out in the funding policy including how the Small Grants Panel intend to score applications.

Funding Policy Terms & Conditions

4. Make an application

To start an application form you will require a PIN that will have been shared with you as part your discussions with the Grants Team. 

If you haven’t received a PIN, please contact please the team for support on 0113 539 7091 or email [email protected]

Please read our guidance document before completing your application form.

Guidance for applying for standard funding

For funding under £50,000, please complete our application form.

Application form

There are additional documents you will need to submit with your application, which is explained in the Guidance document.

For projects over £50,000 it’s a two-stage process:

  • Step 1: completion of an Expression of Interest (EOI).

  • Step 2: applicants will be invited to complete a full application following triage of an EOI

5. Review & Decision

Applications under £10,000 are reviewed regularly by our Small Grants Panel. Our CEO has authority to approve applications on behalf of our Board of Trustees. Most applications for under £10,000 receive a decision within one month.

Applications over £10,000 are reviewed by the Funding Review Group before being taken to our Funding Committee for decision making. Applications for more than £50,000 also need to be approved by our Board of Trustees. It normally takes four months for an application for over £10,000 to receive a decision.

6. Monitoring & Evaluation

All successful applicants will be required to complete a Monitoring & Evaluation form and share with the Charity the impact of grant funding through case studies, blogs and news stories.

Find out more about the projects we have funded

If you still have questions after reading the guidance, please contact the Grants Team on 0113 539 7091 or email [email protected]