Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is legally responsible for the Charity's governance and strategic direction: Trustees are also the directors of the limited company under company law.

The Board is accountable for everything we do, setting the Charity’s vision, values, strategy and policies for our key activities and monitoring our progress. It ensures that the Charity remains financially sustainable and appoints, advises and supports the Chief Executive, who leads our staff towards achieving our vision and purpose.

Leeds Hospitals Charity has 11 Trustees and two Associate Trustees, each of which is appointed for an initial term of 3 years. Trustees are able to serve a maximum of 9 years, which provides an opportunity for fresh perspectives, skills and experience to be included on a regular basis. We aim to have a Board that reflects our diverse communities and we actively monitor and continually strive to increase the Board’s diversity.

Our Trustees

In line with our value of being Transparent, you can access our Trustees' interests:

Our Register of Trustee Interests

The Board of Trustees meets at least every quarter and to improve the effective governance of the Charity it has also established the following Board Committees to scrutinise different areas of the Charity’s work.

To find out more about our governance please contact us at [email protected]

Leeds Hospitals Charity is seeking to appoint additional Trustees to bring it up to the full complement.

If you are interested, please find more information below:

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Legal Form and Charitable Status

Leeds Hospitals Charity (Leeds Cares) is a company limited by guarantee that was incorporated on 22 November 2016. It is governed by a Memorandum and Articles of Association – company number 10492128.

Leeds Hospitals Charity is a registered Charity which means it is wholly and exclusively established for charitable purposes and that it provides public benefit - charity number 1170369. Leeds Hospitals Charity has 13 linked charities for which it is the Sole Corporate Trustee.

Our Charitable Objects are

(a) to further any charitable purpose or purposes relating to the general or any specific purposes of the NHS trust or the purposes of the health service.

(b) to promote, protect, preserve and advance all or any aspects of the health of the public.

(c) to advance and promote knowledge and education in medicine and health including by engaging in and supporting medical and health research and the dissemination of the useful results.