Your donations have helped us fund new equipment at Leeds Dental Institute enabling the team to use Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) in oral surgery, which is clinically proven to help patients heal quicker after oral surgery treatment, such as dental extractions. 

The Leeds Dental Institute treats a variety of patients, many of which are at risk of complications following dental treatment because of medication prescribed to manage other medical conditions.

For high-risk patients, using PRF as part of routine treatment is likely to reduce the number of post-operative complications and therefore ensure a smooth recovery period.

Leeds Dental Institute (LDI) is one of only a few NHS Trusts in the country using this innovative surgical technique. Over the past six months over 300 patients have now benefitted from this new surgery.

Mr. Richard Moore, Consultant in Oral Surgery at Leeds Dental Institute said:

“My team and I are extremely grateful for the support of Leeds Hospital Charity to enable us to provide optimum care for our patients. This has reduced post operative complications and discomfort for patients, in particular those with co-morbidities.”

One of Richard’s patients, Isobel Wright, benefitted from surgery thanks to this new equipment, she said:

“My tooth was extracted nearly two years before this surgery and it would not heal properly, which meant I could not have the bridge fitted for my missing tooth. There were bits of bone that kept erupting and the area oozed, it was disgusting. Just two days after the new PRF treatment I knew it was a good result. Now I have been signed off by Leeds Dental Institute have signed me off and my dentist can now restore my smile, THANK YOU!”

Patient Isobel Wright who had oral surgery using the new PRF equipment