We have recently been made aware of people working in West Yorkshire posing as fundraisers from Leeds Hospitals Charity.  This activity has included residents being asked to share bank details.

We do have professional fundraising agencies working on our behalf, but please note all our authorised fundraisers will:

  • Wear Leeds Hospitals Charity branded clothing eg: vest, t-shirts, or jackets
  • Carry identification with them that will have the name and branding of one of the agencies that we work with.  We are currently working with SMILE, Britevox and SEC.

If you are unsure whether a fundraiser is genuine, or have any concerns about their conduct, please don’t hand over any of your personal details. You should never feel pressured to make a donation. 

Please contact us directly on 0113 539 7020 and we’ll advise whether you need to report it to the police and contact Action Fraud.  

We are currently using three professional fundraising agencies: Britevox, Smile and SEC Fundraising to help promote our weekly lottery - both residential both residential (door-to door) and at private sites (supermarkets).

Find out more about our door-to-door fundraisers here