1. Introduction

The purpose of this policy and procedure is to ensure that there is a system in place that ensure that Leeds Hospitals Charity shops have a public policy on refunds and exchanges in line with other retailers.

2. Policy Statement

Leeds Hospitals Charity will ensure that customers are given the statutory right to refund/exchange when and item is not fit for the purpose it was intended or has been mis-described.  This does not aloe fir customers who have changed their minds although this can be at the discretion of the managers where good will could possibly be affected. 

3. Method

Leeds Hospitals Charity will on an annual basis assess the effectiveness of the refund policy and review feedback on any complaints. This policy and procedure provide a method by which if a customer’s goods are faulty or not as described a refund can be given. The customer can also return certain goods, with the original till receipt within 14 days where a refund or exchange will be offered. This does not affect he customers statutory rights, including the right to claim a refund or a replacement for faulty or misdescribed goods.

4. Scope

This policy and procedure cover all employees / volunteers who work within the Leeds Hospitals Charity Shops and other trading situations within the Charity. A copy of the refund procedures should be displayed at the point of sale where staff and customers can read them.

5. Responsibility

The Director of Fundraising will have overall responsibility for the ensuring that this policy and procedure are implemented throughout the organisation. Shop Managers are responsible for ensuring that the shop staff and volunteers are informed and trained on how to deal with a refund or exchange. Shop Managers are responsible for informing the Director about any complaints that occur. Shop Managers are responsible for using discretion when dealing with refunds and exchanges. Shop Managers should use this when goodwill is at risk. All staff are responsible for ensuring that they follow procedures whilst serving our customers. Staff and volunteers should highlight any complaints that may occur and inform the line manager of any incidents.

6. Procedure

The Procedures for Returning/Exchanging goods (none faulty) are:

  • All items purchased should be returned within a 14-day period.
  • Any refund or exchange is offered entirely at our own discretion and all items must be returned with the original till receipt, in the same condition as when you purchased them, with the Leeds Hospitals Charity price ticket attached (if applicable).
  • All faulty items will be refunded, or an exchange offered which must be used within 28-day period. • Items purchased can be returned, by the customer for a refund/exchange within any of the Leeds Hospitals Charity Retail Outlets with the exception of the Online Sales.
  • Credit notes can be used within any retail location, with the exception of any online sales outlet.

Items which are found to be faulty, misdescribed, of unsatisfactory quality or unsafe fall under the Sales of Goods act, 1979. In the instance of an item being found to fall within these categories, a refund should be issued within a reasonable time period for the age and condition of the item, via the original payment method.

7. Impact Analysis Statement

All policies require an impact analysis to take place. This is to assess whether the policy or procedure disproportionately impacts on any individuals or groups in respect of their protected characteristics as defined within The Equality Act 2010.

This policy has been analysed to determine any disproportionate impact and is considered to have low impact in this regard.

8. Roles and Responsibilities

Director of Fundraising

The Director of Fundraising has overall responsibility for ensuring that this policy and procedure is implemented throughout the organisation.

Shop Managers

Shop Managers are responsible for ensuring that all retail employees and volunteers in their location as informed and trained on how to purchase and process donated and promotional items in Leeds Hospitals Charity shops.

Retail employees

Retail employees are responsible for ensuring this policy is adhered to in the absence of the Shop Manager.

9. Consultation and Review Process

This policy has been created in line with best practice guidance from the Charity Retail Association and other charities that operate retail functions. The policy has been reviewed by Leeds Hospitals Charity Senior Leadership Team, including the Chief Executive Officer, and the Board of Trustees.

10. Compliance

The minimum expectation is that all employees and volunteers of Leeds Hospitals Charity will comply with this policy.

11. References and Associated Documents

Employee and Volunteer Purchasing Policy.

12. Further Guidance

Further information and guidance can be provided by Paul Watkins – Director of Fundraising.