Professor Glaser and the CHORAL Research Centre team, hope to tackle the health inequalities children and their families can face.

There will be three multi-disciplinary groups set up to tackle key areas where research can improve outcomes for young patients, including childhood cancer, children’s mental health and life-threatening illnesses.

CHORAL will be a great opportunity to develop training opportunities for staff, creating a pipeline of research talent that will help Leeds become home to some of the best clinicians and paediatric researchers in the country.

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Professor Adam Glaser, Director of CHORAL

I am a Professor of Paediatric Oncology and Late Effects at the Faculty of Medicine and Health at the University of Leeds, and the research lead at the Leeds Children’s Hospital and Clinical Lead at the NIHR Leeds Children’s Hospital Clinical Research Facility.

I am a health service researcher and clinician, with over two decades of experience. I combine my clinical work as a paediatric oncologist with a research programme focusing on the identification of the consequences of living with and beyond cancer.

Some of my specific research interests include the outcomes of cancer in young people and the reproductive and sexual health consequences of cancer.

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Professor Richard Feltbower, Deputy Director of CHORAL

I joined the University of Leeds in 1998 as a Research Statistician examining the epidemiology of childhood and young adult cancer. 

My research focuses on the long-term health and social outcomes for survivors of childhood and young adult cancer in Yorkshire.

I took over as Director of the Yorkshire Specialist Register of Cancer in Children and Young People in 2008 and now lead a programme of epidemiological and applied health research. My current research work involves the use of linked datasets such as primary/secondary care and the National Pupil Database to evaluate educational attainment, mental health and treatment toxicity.

I am also Chair of the CCLG Epidemiology and Registry Group and a member of the Childhood, Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Expert Advisory Group for the National Cancer Registry and the NCRI Teenage and Young Adult Clinical Studies Group.

I also run the national clinical audit for paediatric critical care activity for the UK and Republic of Ireland, known as PICANet.

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Dr Simon Pini, Academic Capacity Development Lead, CHORAL

I am currently an NIHR Senior Research Fellow in the Leeds institute of Health Sciences. In August 2021 I commenced a 5 year NIHR Advanced Fellowship focussing on the school lives of high school pupils living with long term health conditions.

I work closely with academics, clinicians and healthcare professionals associated with paediatric research in and around Leeds. I have recently joined the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board Children Young People and Family Long Term Conditions Oversight Group. I am an experienced applied qualitative health researcher and favour using participant-driven interview and focus group-based research to understand experiences of health and healthcare.

I am an advocate of inclusive patient and public involvement work in research, and regularly work with Leeds Youth Forum and other young people’s PPI groups and individuals to inform, develop and conducted child health research.

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Dr Carole Burnett, Academic Capacity Development Lead, CHORAL

I am a diagnostic radiographer who has established myself as a clinical researcher.

I am the Lead Research and Innovation Radiographer at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, the Academic Research Capacity Development Lead for the Leeds NIHR Biomedical Research Centre and theClinical Director at the Leeds Academic Health Partnership.

I am passionate about enabling individuals to fulfil their career potential by supporting staff to develop their research potential and achieve their aspirations.

I’m a leader and advocate for promoting and supporting Healthcare Professionals’ increase their research engagement. I am delighted and excited to be a member of the CHORAL leadership teamand look forward to being integral to helping staff from the Children’s Hospital to achieve their research aspirations.

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Jonathan is Vice President for Education and Professional Development of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

He is also Clinical Associate Professor in Paediatrics and Child Health and Medical Education at the University of Leeds, and Honorary Consultant in General Paediatrics at Leeds General Infirmary. He has a longstanding interest in medical education, and has developed particular expertise in educational management and delivery, curriculum change, assessment (including external examining), and student support.

His research interests include: the role of children and young people in clinical teaching and assessment; standard setting in knowledge tests; and technology-enhanced learning. His roles have included Head of Year 4 of the Leeds MBChB programme, Director of Student Support, and (currently) Chair of the Health and Conduct Committee.

He is co-author of a popular paediatric textbook, and subeditor for the European Mastercourse in Paediatrics. Prior to taking up his Vice President role for RCPCH, he was convenor for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Paediatric Educators Special Interest Group.

He remains an active paediatrician, with interests in Safeguarding (in which he has the significant role of Designated Doctor for Leeds), and Bladder and Bowel problems in children.  

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