Whether you're an employer or and employee, follow our simple steps to setting up Payroll Giving below:

I am an Employee

Why do it? It's an easy, hassle-free way to make a regular donation to support Leeds Hospital Charity. You have control over the amount you give and the time period that you give for

How does it work? The amount that you choose to donate is deducted directly from your monthly wages before tax - making it a tax free donation

Sign me up! You just need to let your payroll department know that you would like to sign up for Payroll Giving – we can help you do this so get in touch today!

I am an Employer

How does it work? Show your staff and customers that you care by offering Payroll Giving as one of your employee benefits. It’s easy to set up and you have the option to match your employees' donations

How can I make it happen? Payroll Giving is easy to set up and manage through your payroll system. Get in touch and we can help you make it happen!