Christmas. It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of year.

A time to spend with family and friends enjoying the festive season. Decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping presents and watching Christmas TV on the sofa.

But imagine if you had to spend that time alone, in a hospital bed instead. When all you want is to be at home surrounded by your loved ones.

Unfortunately, this will be the case for thousands of patients this year, who will find themselves in our local hospitals, away from their families this Christmas.

I’m Sarah Waite, and I’m a Nursing Sister here at Leeds Teaching Hospitals.

All of my NHS colleagues here want to make Christmas a special experience for those patients who are admitted to our wards or attending the day units over the Christmas period away from their families. But we just don’t have the resources we need to give the extra care and support we’d like to give.

And that’s why I’m writing today to ask for your help.

Will you help us to make Christmas sparkle for our patients and their families with a donation this Christmas?

Your donation could really make a difference this Christmas; and help spread some much-needed cheer and sparkle to lonely, isolated patients on the wards, having to spend the holidays away from their loved ones.

Whether it’s for a long-term condition like cancer, or as a result of an accident or sudden health crisis, being in hospital can be a scary and isolating experience; and even more challenging at Christmas when you would usually be spending precious time with your family and friends.

Sam is one of my patients and the intensity of Sam’s treatment for breast cancer has meant she was forced to stop working and go on long term sick leave. And due to ongoing treatment, she is likely to have to spend time away from her two-year old daughter, Amelia this Christmas.

Sam's Story

£35 could provide a Christmas Comfort pack for a patient like Sam, who will be in and out of hospital, missing quality time with her young child.

A Christmas Comfort pack contains the essentials a patient often needs when they have been suddenly admitted into hospital; including a toothbrush, some shampoo and conditioner and some pyjamas or a nightdress to wear.

Donate to our Christmas Appeal today

Or a donation today could help us to give a patient and their family the best possible Christmas experience on Christmas Day itself.

We’d like to be able to decorate each patient’s room with bright decorations – as well as the wards themselves. We want to buy each patient a small gift to unwrap on the morning – I know from experience that for some people it will be the only gift they receive.

I know not everyone will be in a position to help this Christmas. If you can’t manage a gift this year, please don’t worry. But if you are able to give, please do. Your £35 – or any amount that is right for you – will make a huge difference to the quality of Christmas care nurses like me will be able to offer this year.

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity and friendship. On behalf of all of us here in your local hospitals, we wish you a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones.

Sarah Waite

Donate to our Christmas Appeal today