9-year-old Alex is one of the fantastic winners of our Christmas Card Competition, drawing an incredible design showcased on our Charity Christmas Cards this year. His Mum, Laura-Jayne, tells us how Alex reacted to the news that he was one of our winners.

“He was really proud of himself and hopes that the card he made can raise money and help the children who need it in the hospital.”

Alex has spent time at Leeds Children’s Hospital throughout his life and spent the festive period in hospital when he was just 3 years old. He tells us about why he thinks donations over this time are so important.

“There are a lot of people less fortunate than me, and some people need different care which can cost a lot of money. It can help put smiles onto the children's faces.

Sometimes if children have to be in hospital, it can be really upsetting as they can’t be with their friends and family, so it’s important to make it special for them. Trying to make them happy as if they were at home.”

Alex and his mum tell us about their experience at Leeds Children's Hospital and the support they have both received.

(Alex) “I'm always treated well, and they have fun activities to do while I am waiting. They made me feel more brave and confident. At first, I'm always nervous about what could happen. The doctors are very good at talking to me about what's going to happen, which makes everything feel easier.

(Laura-Jayne) “Leeds Children’s Hospital have always gone above and beyond. Alex can become nervous and anxious about hospitals as he's received medical care since age 2. With his anxiety he can present with some difficult behaviour which the staff have been very helpful to help manage. Alex will go into hospital worried, but always leaves with a smile! The staff are welcoming, informative and have great communication both with us and the staff.”