"This project, funded by £30,000 from Breast Cancer Research Action Group - a linked charity of Leeds Hospitals Charity, is looking at whether we can use an automated process to assess the quality of the mammograms (breast X-Rays) taken when women attend breast screening.

Currently the quality of a mammogram is performed at a later date to when the mammograms were taken. The process is manual and time-consuming and because the quality assessment is performed at a later date, there is little benefit to the Radiographer in terms of educational and training benefit.

If we can automate the process, then the quality assessment can happen at the time the mammogram is taken, and the quality assessment will be done for the Radiographer. A report will be generated that will provide the opportunity for education and tailored training supported by the quality lead.

A decent quality mammogram is important to help the doctor identify cancer if present on the mammogram and means that less women will have to return to have a repeat mammogram because the first mammogram taken was not acceptable. This will help support education and bespoke training for all our Radiographers. We want to evaluate what this means in terms of cost savings by using this automated tool compared to the current processes in place."

Dr Nisha Sharma, Breast Radiologist at Leeds Cancer Centre

Breast Cancer Research Action Group

Breast Cancer Research Action Group was formed in 1994 by ex-breast cancer patients and their supporters. We fundraise for the charity Leeds Hospitals Charity specifically to support breast cancer research in Leeds.

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