During the coronavirus pandemic, hardworking staff at Leeds Children’s Hospital are going above and beyond to care for some of our youngest and most vulnerable patients.

There is limited space for staff working long shifts to relax and take a much-needed break, but thanks to charitable donations we have helped transform the currently unused ‘learning zone’ into a staff wellbeing room.

The new space is open to all staff at the Children’s hospital to use any time day or night and is complete with comfortable furniture, a coffee machine, snacks and colouring sheets.

There are also a supply of seeds and planting pots in the wellbeing room which staff can plant there or take home, to remember someone close to them or celebrate something important to them.

For staff who are unable to leave the ward environment, we also helped distribute wellbeing packs to all the wards at Leeds Children’s Hospital, helping them take some time out of their busy shifts.