Thanks to donations, we’ve been able to support the work of Stacey Robertson, Youth Worker at the Gender Identity Development Service who specialises in paediatric outreach for the young people at Leeds Children's Hospital who attend their clinic and services.

Our funding has helped her build and maintain relationships with young trans people as they follow the patient journey, including moving from paediatric to adult services. After identifying a clear gap in social groups exclusive to trans-people, the Stacey has set up two social groups.

Safe Steps is a running group for young trans-people who also have access to additional yoga and strengthening sessions. The Evening Social is a relaxed session held in a safe space for young people to chat, socialise and access mental health and wellbeing support.

The funding has also helped fund some new communications posters, designed by young people, to help educate staff and patients around the hospitals.

Speaking about the impact of funding, the Stacey said: “It’s enabled me to provide much needed support in a highly emotional setting and provide safe spaces for exercise and social activity. The posters are already having an impact since being displayed around the hospital, staff on wards are using the correct pronouns, which in turn, makes patents feel more comfortable and are then making making staff aware of preferred names saving upset from being mis-gendered."