Leeds Hospitals Charity has recently been awarded AMRC (Association of Medical Research Charities) accreditation for its dedication to supporting life-changing research and ground-breaking innovation projects at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Becoming an accredited member of the AMRC is considered the hallmark of quality research funding for a charity and only 150 charities in the UK have so far been granted membership.

So far this year, Leeds Hospitals Charity has provided over £3.8 million to fund research and innovation projects at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.  From AI technology to help detect early signs of cancer more accurately, to a dedicated research midwife and a series of multiple sclerosis (MS) research trials. 

Camilla Veale was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS in 1998 and has been involved in the STAT 2 drug trial for Progressive MS at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, she told us:

“Being part of a trial has some ‘perks’ - it means I get to see the clinicians more. I feel like I have special support through additional monitoring and observations. I find this reassuring, while at the same time know that I am contributing to developments for others in the future - even if it’s not me that will benefit directly. 

“There’s not much research out there about secondary progressive MS, so it’s important to me that I contribute where I can.”

Funding from Leeds Hospitals Charity has helped Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust recruit over 23,000 participants into research over the last year, with around 900 studies active at any one time. As one of the biggest NHS hospital trusts in Europe, Leeds is home to some of the world’s leading scientists and researchers.

Dr Jonathan Sheffield OBE has recently been appointed as Chair of the Scientific Advisory Panel at Leeds Hospitals Charity, he was previously the CEO of the NIHR (National Institute for Health and Care Research) Clinical Research Network.

The Scientific Advisory Panel is an independent group of experts who examine research applications and make recommendations on which projects to fund.

Dr Sheffield is excited to be working with the charity following their AMRC accreditation:

“It is a great pleasure to join the Scientific Advisory Panel.  I look forward to supporting the Trustees at Leeds Hospitals Charity in their quest to ensure the charity works with the NHS to make improvements in the health and care of the people of Leeds through research. 

As a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities the standard of research funded by the charity is recognised as the highest quality by universities, government, and funding bodies.

This opens up more opportunities for Leeds Hospitals Charity to commit to even more research and innovation projects that will make a difference for future generations of patients.”

Dr Ai Lyn Tan, Director of Research and Innovation at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust added:

“The AMRC accreditation further affirms the high standards that Leeds Hospitals Charity applies to funding vital research and innovation at the Trust. Leeds Hospitals Charity has been an invaluable partner with the Trust in supporting strategically important research, providing benefits in diagnosis and management of health conditions for people in Leeds and beyond.”

Leeds Hospitals Charity are committed to funding research and innovation projects to help new drug discoveries, better treatment and ultimately cures for health conditions that affect individuals and communities in Leeds and Yorkshire.