Thanks to generous donations and incredible fundraising efforts Leeds Hospitals Charity was able to fund a brand new MOTOmed bike for the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit at Chapel Allerton Hospital, which supports stroke patients during their rehabilitation journey.

Becky, one of the Team Leads for the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit told us:

“The previous bike was over 20 years old, and after much use it completely broke down. It did cause us some panic as the bike is such an integral part of rehab and a huge benefit to our patients.”

In 2022, a previous member of the Stroke Rehabilitation Team took on the challenge of cycling the length of his shift and covered over 300km, fundraising for a new bike for the unit. The challenge raised over £2000, and Leeds Hospitals Charity also part funded over £2000 to buy the new and improved bike.

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“Having this piece of equipment allows us to utilise the bike as part of patients’ therapy sessions. It has huge benefits of improving their strength, endurance and stamina and overall cardiovascular improvement. 

It also gives patients an opportunity to use the equipment outside of their sessions too, allowing them to take ownership of their own rehab journey, which is really important. This helps to maximise their time at the unit and improve their overall health and fitness.”

Gillian, one of our patients at the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit said:

“I often wonder what my progress would look like if there was no MOTOmed Bike. The exercise is a visual way to see my progress and give my body movement. It also helped me both socially and psychologically.”

Becky explained the importance of donations to Leeds Hospitals Charity:

“It’s really important to have Leeds Hospitals Charity because donations give us access to the best equipment, the best teachings and learning opportunities, so we can deliver the best possible care, resources and skills to our patients.”

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