Issy shares her two-year-old daughter Georgina's story.

"My two-year-old daughter Georgina was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour in September. We were told the brain tumour was so large that it was putting strain on her brain stem, and her life was at risk.

 "We were incredibly shocked to discover how poorly our little girl was and that she would need a life-saving operation. After a 5-hour emergency operation, the amazing surgeons at Leeds Children's Hospital successfully removed Georgina's brain tumour and she began 56 weeks of high-dose chemotherapy in October.

“The staff have been absolutely incredible. The neurology team who looked after Georgina worked around the clock to monitor her before, during and after her life-saving operation. The Oncology team took time to talk us through Georgina’s treatment plan, nothing is too much to ask, from the housekeeping staff, to play specialists and the consultants.”

"Georgina has spent lots of time in and out of hospital away from her two sisters, Eleanor, aged 7 and Jemima, aged 5, and isn’t able to start play school until her treatment finishes.

“Our lives have dramatically changed. I’ve taken long-term sick leave to look after Georgina and make sure she can attend every test, appointment and scan for her treatment plan. Georgina’s sisters have had to spend lots of time with friends and family when we’re in hospital which has been difficult because they’re so close to Georgina.

“Georgina has been amazing throughout her treatment; we have had some sick weeks and temperature spikes over winter causing more stays than we anticipated. The drugs have made her quite sick at times, and the IV line attached to a two-year-old for periods of up to a week is quite testing!”

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