Last summer, mum-to-be Megan went into labour 8 weeks early. Megan had a difficult birth and was in labour for six days before little Theo finally arrived on the 4th August.

Theo was transferred to the Neonatal Unit at St James’s Hospital at one month old and spent four weeks under their care.

Thanks to vCreate, a photo and video messaging app funded by Leeds Hospitals Charity, Megan felt reassured that her little boy was in safe hands when she was unable to be with him. 

Staff on the unit can use the app to send parents photos and short videos to parents like Megan when they are unable to be with their baby. Megan said, “Waking up to photos and videos of Theo always brightened my day, knowing that we was well cared for and that I’d get to see him later that day!” 

Just days after he was able to return home with his mum, Theo contracted a lung infection called Bronchiolitis and since then brave Theo has spent much of his short life in and out of hospital.

After Megan noticed Theo wasn’t feeding properly, he was put on an a nasogastric (NG) tube to make sure he was getting all the nutrients he needs to strengthen and grow.

Theo is now 10 months old and continues to visit hospital regularly for treatment during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Megan is so thankful for charities like Leeds Hospitals Charity who have helped make her and Theo’s time in hospital a little easier, “We’ve been on what feels like every ward at Leeds Children’s Hospital, all the staff have been so wonderful, especially the Play Specialists, who have really helped make hospital feel less scary for Theo.”