In July 2022, the Complications of Excess Weight Clinic launched at Leeds Children’s Hospital, providing holistic support to obese children in our region.

The team cares for children as young as 2 up to 18 years of age who may have underlying health conditions related to their weight, such as diabetes or fatty liver.

Each month, there are around 20 new referrals to the service, who work with young people to develop a plan to help improve diet and encourage physical activity.

Thanks to donations, we’ve provided over £5,000 to support initiatives led by the team who are looking after around 100 young people per year.

Helen Robinson, CEW Clinical Nurse Specialist Team Leader said charity funding has helped the service become more family-friendly:

“We’re trying to make the environment feel less clinical for our young patients, so they feel more comfortable and willing to get involved in activities with us. The support given by the charity is helping us build relationships with young people and create a friendly and safe community for young people, who can feel like outsiders at school with their peers.

“We’re looking to get our patients involved in some fundraising activities for the charity to help them understand the impact charity funding has and to help us continue to evolve our service so it can be tailored to the needs of our young people.”

Donations helped fund a smoothie bike and basketball net for the clinic for children to use before their assessment. This has given children and young people the opportunity to engage in fun activities with their family and peers, while learning about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, some children who are referred to the service have experienced name calling which has led to a reluctance to take part in extra circular activities with school friends. The clinic has given young people a safe space where they can be with children and staff who understand their feelings and are non-judgemental.

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