On 17th January, fitness instructor Caroline Brady was teaching an ‘Abs Blast’ class at her local health club in Harrogate when she started to feel unwell and noticed her speech was slightly slurred.

Unbeknown to 37-year-old Caroline, who was fit and healthy, she had suffered a from a Transient Ischemic Attack, a type of stroke caused by a blood clot temporarily blocking oxygen to her brain.

Caroline’s symptoms continued intermittently, and paramedics took her to her local hospital in Harrogate as a precautionary measure; however her condition quickly deteriorated, and she was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary.

Caroline said, “It all happened so quickly, I was too late for clot busting drugs and I needed to have surgery within four hours of my stroke, or I was at risk of long term disability or losing my life. I feel so lucky that I was transferred to Leeds as its one of the only hospitals in the country that offers this kind of life-saving surgery.”

Miraculously, Caroline woke up the next day amazed to find that she had already regained some control of her body and could talk to her family.

Despite still being on a long road to recovery, Caroline wanted to do whatever she could to thank the doctors and nurses who saved her life and who continue to support her now.

To mark Stroke Awareness Month, Caroline is running 26 miles this May to raise funds for Leeds Cares, the charity for Leeds Hospitals as well as two stroke charities.

Caroline is motivated not only to raise funds but also awareness, “What happened was a huge shock to me and all my friends and family; we couldn’t believe that someone as young and healthy as me could have a stroke. I want people to realise that it can happen to anyone at any time, regardless of whether you have existing health problems or not.”


Thanks to her fundraising efforts, Caroline has already surpassed her £1,000 fundraising target for the month.

To support Caroline’s fundraising efforts, visit her fundraising page.