Thanks to your donations, we’ve funded a new tonometer for Leeds Children’s Hospital.

A tonometer is a piece of equipment used to measure the pressure inside the eye to check for conditions, like glaucoma, where the optic nerve becomes damaged and if left untreated can cause blindness.

Currently, young patients who need a tonometer test have to travel to St James’s Hospital to be examined.

Thanks to this new charity funded equipment, children can now also be examined at Leeds Children’s Hospital, reducing the need to travel between sites and multiple hospital trips, which can be particularly distressing for young patients.

The tonometer can also be used to examine young patients in theatres whilst lying down, to check their pressure levels before an operation.

Vernon Long, Consultant Ophthalmologist at St James’s Hospital said:

“Having a tonometer at Leeds Children’s Hospital will make a huge difference to some of our hospital’s smallest patients and their parents or carers. We will now be able to use this equipment across two hospital sites, which is particularly beneficial for children waiting to have eye surgery at Leeds Children’s Hospital.”

“The tonometer will help reduce delays as everything can be done in one appointment, reducing time needed outside of school and travelling to and from the hospital. We will also be able to diagnose and treat patients much quicker, helping make the patient journey as easy as possible for children and their families.”

Azaan being examined using the tonometer by Specialist Optometrist Rachel Bond

Six-year-old Azaan had cataract surgery at just 4 months old and regularly visits the hospital for check-ups, to monitor his risk of developing glaucoma.

For children like Azaan, the new tonometer will be used to examine pressure in the eyes, to make sure he doesn’t develop glaucoma, which can happen after cataract surgery at a young age.

Azaan’s mum Shahida, told us:

“Both Azaan and my older daughter suffer from problems with their vision, so we have been coming to the hospital for the past eight years. The team are incredibly supportive, so it’s wonderful to hear how donations are helping them continue to provide the best care and support to children like Azaan.”