Thanks to your donations, we’ve provided £5,000 to support the implementation of innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for the Radiology department at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Every year, the Radiology team performs around 145,000 CT scans and charitable funded has enabled them to launch an AI ed pilot project to improve quality assurance of scan results.

The team began the project in February 2022, using AI to pick up any abnormalities on scans that can occasionally missed through human error (on average 3% of scan results).

The new technology, provided by IMedis, an AI-Based Comprehensive Quality Management System for Radiology Departments will be trained to spot any anomalies, like lung nodules, small clumps of cells in the lungs which can sometimes be cancerous.

When staff use the system to analyse CT scan results, the technology will be trained to detect if there is a problem that hasn’t been picked up and provide an alert.

Over the past 7 months, around 6,000 scans have been quality assured using the cloud-based system. This has already made a difference and in some cases has detected early signs of lung cancer so clinicians can start treatment plans quicker and ultimately improve outcomes for their patients.

Fahmid Chowdhury, Consultant Radiologist & Nuclear Medicine Physician who has led the pilot project told us:

“We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the nine consultant radiologists who have been trialling the AI technology, who have been able to pick up significant unreported findings in their reports. The pilot scheme is due to finish in October, and we hope that the results from this can show it is an accurate and more cost-effective option for us to look at using going forward.”