Meet Marella, she signed up to our weekly lottery after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, secondary to her lung cancer and wanted to give something back for the care she is receiving.

Marella never expected to win the lottery and saw her £10 a month as a donation to the charity so was shocked when she received a call telling her she was the lucky winner of the £1,000 jackpot prize!

For Marella, her monthly donation was a way of giving back for the amazing care and support she’s received at Leeds Cancer Centre:

 “The staff all the way from the cleaners to the top consultants, nurses, doctors have been absolutely wonderful, I can’t begin to thank them, and I will never be able to thank them enough.”

Since winning the jackpot, Marella has been able to treat her family, who have been there for her since she was diagnosed with cancer and make special memories with her grandchildren.

Marella says none of this would have been possible if she hadn’t have won the lottery, and would encourage others to sign up:

“I know times are difficult at the moment, but if you can just give £10 a month and you could be just like me and £1,000 richer!”

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