I #RunForRob because...

“I want the best for my patients and their families.”

Naomi Unsworth is a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Leeds Motor Neurone Disease Care Centre. When she went on maternity leave this time last year, the Rob Burrow Centre for MND was just a dream.

Over the past year, Naomi has watched the MND team’s vision of a specialist centre for their patients become a reality and wants to do her bit to support her patients and their families.

I’ve been a nurse for 11 years; I began my career in Neurology and cared for some people with MND during my time on the ward. I then moved to St Gemma’s Hospice, caring for terminally ill patients, here I also looked after some patients with the condition.

“At seven and a half months pregnant, I started a new position as a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Seacroft Hospital MND service. When I joined the team, they spoke passionately about a centre that would be a ‘safe haven’ for patients, it sounded amazing, but felt like something that wouldn’t happen for years to come.

“So, you can imagine how taken aback I’ve been to see how our team’s dream has become a reality over the past few months, it’s been incredible to see so many people get behind the appeal and I thought it was about time I get involved too!

“When I saw the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon on Facebook, I thought ‘maybe I’ll do the half marathon’ but then my husband encouraged me to push myself and take on the marathon distance! The furthest I’ve ever run is a 10k, but I’m determined to take on this challenge, to support my patients and their families, and show my little ones that they can do anything they put their minds to.

“I’m so excited about the prospect of the new MND centre at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and how this will enhance the care and support we can provide to our patients. People living with this life-limiting illness have already been through so much to get their diagnosis, so offering them a relaxing and purpose-built space is so important.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have a cure for our patients yet, but we can help them live each day at a time in a specialist centre for them and their loved ones.”


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