We’ve recently funded innovative 3D technology to help the Leeds Artificial Eye Service manufacture more lifelike artificial eyes for children and young people who have lost an eye due to cancer, glaucoma or trauma.

This is all thanks to the generosity of two Charitable Foundations who have recently donated £44,000 to Leeds Hospitals Charity to bring this groundbreaking project to life.

Each year, there are approximately 11,500 artificial eyes needed in the UK to meet demand from both new and existing patients, who need regular replacements.

Losing an eye is an extremely distressing and traumatic experience children and their family. The loss of an eye can make children feel self-conscious and feel anxious and worried about interacting with their peers.

Artificial eyes are hand-painted and take over six weeks to manufacture, which has meant some and some patients have to wait a significant amount of time, which impacts their rehabilitation and quality of life.

Thanks to advances in technology, better alternatives are now available instead of traditional prosthetic eyes, this allows the Leeds Teaching Hospital Artificial Eye Service to offer more life-like prothesis to patients in much shorter timeframe.

Thanks to this project, patients will benefit from a more life-like appearance in a shorter timeframe ensuring they are comfortable and confident with their prosthetic eye.



                                               L: old artificial eye                                    R: new artificial eye