Thanks to your donations, Leeds Hospitals Charity has been able to purchase a Photo Biomodulation (PBM) Unit – a revolutionary new device for patients undergoing chemotherapy at the Leeds Dental Institute.

During chemotherapy, a common but intense side effect is mucositis – an inflammation which can cause ulcerations to the windpipe and mouth. This causes a lot of discomfort and distress, particularly for younger patients who can struggle to swallow and eat properly because of the pain from the ulcers.

Previously, the only treatment was the use of ice chips.This would involve either the patient swallowing or holding the ice chips in their mouth for the length of their chemotherapy. Not only was this cumbersome, also quite discomforting for patients.

Funding from Leeds Hospitals Charity has enabled the Paediatric Dentistry Team to purchase a PBM Unit following promising studies. This unit uses red LED torches to decrease the size and intensity of the ulcerations quickly and painlessly.

This preventative treatment will benefit around 50 children undergoing chemotherapy per year

Academic Clinical Fellow Dr Claudia Heggie said:

“The Photo Biomodulation Unit is something really novel. I think it looks quite cool to kids, and they've already enjoyed getting involved with it”

Following the success of the Photo Biomodulation Unit in the Leeds Dental Institute, Claudia has been granted further funding by the Royal College of Surgeons. This funding has allowed Claudia and the team to begin research that will bring the units to more hospitals around the country and hopefully help many more patients in need.