Gav works as an Engineer and finds volunteering as our Mascot, Ernie, a great way to have fun and let off some steam.

He says, "I love making people happy, there's nothing better than seeing a child smile and laugh when they see Ernie!"

In May 2023, Gav took part in the annual Mascot Gold Cup, where more than 80 mascots from different charities took part at Wetherby Race Course. The competition was tough, but we're excited to share that Gav was crowned 2023 Mascot of the Year!

Gav said, "The mascot cup is always great fun but this year was particularly ace - I absolutely went for it in the parade ring to win the trophy!"

Leeds Hospitals Charity mascot Ernie Owl at the Mascot Gold Cup 2023

We asked Gav why he'd encourage other people to volunteer and he said, "Everyone has some spare time to give something back, whatever you can do, it feels good to know you're making a difference."

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