16-month-old Phoebe is joining the Leeds Children’s Hospital Transplant Team at her first-ever British Transplant Games this July!

With the help of her mum Lauren, Phoebe, who isn’t quite ready to walk on her own, is toddling 100 metres in 30 days as part of the 100 Days Challenge to raise funds for the team.

At four weeks old, Phoebe’s parents were told that she had Biliary Atresia, where bile ducts in the liver cause a complete blockage of bile flow from the liver, causes scarring in the liver.

Phoebe underwent the Kasai procedure, but unfortunately the operation failed, and she was put on the liver transplant list at 9 months old.

A month later, Phoebe was given her first liver transplant, but this failed and instead Phoebe’s grandma donated 20% of her liver just 5 days later.

Lauren is so grateful for the support Phoebe her family have been given and can’t wait to be a part of the Games this Summer:

“We were in hospital for 10 weeks with Phoebe and all of the staff were an incredible support system for us. Phoebe still needs to go in for check ups and treatment regularly and loves seeing the staff on ward 50!

Phoebe has loved doing our walks each day, and has had lots of fun picking out different fancy dress outfits to wear. The walks are definitely helping her get stronger and stronger after her transplant and I think she’ll be walking in no time!”

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