For patients in isolation within Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Coronavirus has been a particularly challenging time, with loved ones not able to visit and reduced contact with staff.

Thanks to your donations, Leeds Hospitals Charity has been able to fund DAB radios within the Respiratory Care Unit, as well as TVs and a DVD selection to those who are currently receiving radiotherapy treatments.

One patient currently undergoing their radiotherapy treatment said: “The TVs and DVDs are very thoughtful and such a kind gesture in the shielding rooms. The items made a lot of difference to me, kept me entertained and I was even spoilt for choice with all the channels!

“It really lifted my spirits and I can’t thank Leeds Hospitals Charity enough for the good work they are doing. The nursing staff and radionuclide team have been absolutely fantastic too. I am so grateful for you all.”

Karen Harley, an Administrative Coordinator in Nuclear Medicine said: “The Leeds Hospitals Charity funded TVs and DVDs have made such a difference to our patients who are not on the general wards. It’s been a real comfort to them during their time in hospital.”

Patients with chronic respiratory lung conditions have also been one of the groups impacted the most during the Coronavirus pandemic. Patients staying in the most critical units in Leeds Teaching Hospitals don’t have access to TVs or telephones. DAB radios funded by Leeds Hospitals Charity has meant that they have been able to gain back some normality during their stay in hospital.

Kuselo Mandela, staff nurse on the Respiratory Care Unit said: “The patients currently on the wards shielding have been impacted heavily by the threat of Coronavirus. Being able to provide something as small as a radio has created a calming presence and they have really enjoyed it. Many thanks to Leeds Hospitals Charity for the donation, the radios are brightening the patients time here.”