Thanks to the amazing generosity and kind donations of the local people of Leeds, we’ve been able to buy a new state-of-the-art baby Leo incubator for the Neonatal Unit at Leeds Children’s Hospital.

Following this successful appeal to the public, more than 1200 people made donations to the charity which resulted in them reaching their target in just a few weeks and the incubator is due to arrive at the Neonatal Unit on at the end of January 2021.

New parents, Chris Burns and Emma Bailey were in hospital with their one-month old baby Archie when Leeds Cares launched their Urgent Equipment Appeal. Archie spent two weeks in an incubator on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and grew from strength to strength until the family were able to return home together three weeks ago.

Chris said:We’re absolutely over the moon that the appeal has raised enough to buy a new incubator for the ward! We see the nurses, doctors and surgeons as Archie’s first family, Emma and I will forever be in their debt. Only really now that Archie has grown to a ‘normal birth weight’, we realise just how vulnerable he was when he was born at 2lb 12oz, 10 weeks prematurely back in August. We are so lucky to have the unbelievably skilful and knowledgeable NHS staff looking after our little boy.”

 Archie, now three months old will still be under the care of the hospital for his first couple of years for corrective surgeries but should grow to lead a perfectly happy and healthy life.

Dr Lawrence Miall, Consultant on the Neonatal Unit at Leeds Children’s Hospital, said: We are thrilled that we’re receiving this specialist piece of equipment which will improve the care and support we can provide to premature babies in Leeds. I mentioned at the start of this appeal that throughout my career I’ve always been struck by the kindness and generosity of the people of Leeds, and once again they have proven me right.”