35-year-old Sam was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, she was breast-feeding her two-year-old daughter Amelia when she found a large lump in her breast.

Sam’s first thought was that she has a blocked milk duct but went to the doctors just to be safe, where she was referred to the breast clinic at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

A mammogram and biopsy revealed that Sam had an aggressive form of breast cancer that had already spread to her lymph nodes and Sam was told she would need to endure intensive chemotherapy to shrink the tumour before she can have an operation to remove it.

The intensity of Sam’s treatment has meant she was forced to stop working and go on long term sick leave.

Due to her ongoing treatment, Sam is likely to have to spend time away from her two-year old daughter, Amelia this Christmas.

"Amelia was our miracle baby, we were trying for 10 years and I was determined to breast feed her, which was a struggle at first. After my diagnosis, I had to stop breast feeding immediately and this had a huge impact on my little girls routine, she cried for hours the first few nights when her daddy put her to bed instead."

"My treatment is very intense so after each round of chemo I’m knocked out for the next few days and Amelia doesn’t understand why mummy has to stay in bed and can’t come and play with her."

Sam and her family try to look on the bright side and said support from staff on the Chemotherapy Day Case Unit has helped them remain positive:

"My mum has sat with me for lots of my chemotherapy appointments, even on her birthday and the staff pulled out all the stops to make her feel special, and even gave us cupcakes to celebrate! It’s a small gesture but it meant so much because we can see how busy they are, but nothing has been too much trouble."

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