Claire Reidy is currently supporting numerous studies in Multiple Sclerosis (MS), funded by the Yorkshire Brain Appeal

Claire joined Leeds Teaching Hospital in 2018 with extensive nursing experience in Respiratory, Cardiac, Phase 1 Clinical Trials and then as a Custody Nurse. Having worked in Phase 1 Clinical trials she decided to further her career and expand her knowledge within the clinical research field by joining the Neurology Research Team. 

Claire is currently supporting numerous studies in MS such as Expand, Lemtrada Pass, Optimise, MS STAT 2 and also a Migraine study.  

For Claire, the commitment and willingness of patients to support studies which are sometimes unlikely to change anything for them but may have the potential to change outcomes for others like them in the future is humbling, in some trials the patient will be randomized to either the trial drug or placebo.  

Claire’s role involves assessing patients’ eligibility and recruiting and following up patients to the trial as well as maintaining oversight of their engagement throughout the trial. Claire will build a relationship with a patient throughout the trial and feels privileged to get to know them and their families. It’s a role that also requires good problem solving and analytical skills – understanding the condition and being able to provide the very best support and care. It’s an interesting and rewarding role that wouldn’t have been possible without charitable funding.

Research is fundamental to advancements to treatment and care for patients with complex conditions. Claire knows that the more staff who can be funded, the more studies that can be supported and the more likely we are to see discoveries that will change the outcomes for patients in Leeds and West Yorkshire as well as globally.

The Yorkshire Brain Appeal is a linked charity of Leeds Hospitals Charity dedicated to funding research into brain diseases. In Leeds we see around 9,000 new Neurology patients every year.  Conditions include Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy and Migraine as well as others and can affect patients in many different ways.