Thanks to funding from the NHS Charities Together fund, Leeds Hospitals Charity are delighted to announce that £1,158,385 has been allocated to projects supported by the West Yorkshire & Harrogate Health & Care Partnership (WY&H HCP).

These valuable funds will be used to support the hard work of the local voluntary community social enterprise sector (VCSE) across the region.

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Following an open and transparent process, the following twenty-two local projects have been allocated a share of the funds:

North of England Activities and Training (NEAT)

Amount funded: £22,299

Location: Bradford

Project description: The NEAT project will increase the provision of strenuous outdoor exercise and ecotherapy to minority groups, including people who are deaf, through training new leaders and overcoming transport barriers.  

The Women’s Activity Centre (WAC)

Amount funded: £24,950

Location: Halifax, Calderdale

Project description: The WAC based in Park Ward, Halifax will be re-opening to give older women a wide range of health-based activities and respite for their carers.

Positive Action for Refugees & Asylum Seekers (PAFRAS)

Amount funded: £25,000

Location: Leeds

Project Description: Positive Action for Refugees & Asylum Seekers (PAFRAS) will use the NHS CT funding to support asylum seekers to access health care, with a specific focus on providing mental health interventions.

Open Country

Amount funded: £25,000

Location: Wakefield and Harrogate

Project Description: The Open Country project is aimed specifically at Open Country members with ongoing mental health issues, learning disabilities and autism.

Bramley Elderly Action (BEA)

Amount funded: £25,000

Location: Bramley, Leeds

Project Description: BEA is a community led health and wellbeing project for over 60’s, including assessment, one-to-one and group activity sessions. This will improve physical/mental health, happiness and confidence.

Carers’ Resource

Amount funded: £26,749

Location: Harrogate and Craven

Project Description: Carers’ Resource will offer one-to-one support to young carers who’s lives have been especially impacted by the pandemic, in schools in Harrogate and Craven districts to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Holbeck Together

Amount funded: £26,749

Location: Holbeck and Beeston, Leeds

Project Description: Holbeck Together through this project will holistically support vulnerable and isolated people, particularly older people and including informal/family carers living in Holbeck and Beeston. Working closely with GP practices, providing a range of health and social services and activities.

Basis Yorkshire

Amount funded: £42,649

Location: Leeds

Project Description: Basis Yorkshire through this project will address health inequalities and improving access to primary and secondary care health services for sex workers in Leeds, in partnership with Leeds Community Health Care (Health and Inclusion).


Amount funded: £49,635

Location: Bradford

Project Description: Touchstone through this project will provide specialist mental health outreach support to marginalized women living in Bradford experiencing low to moderate perinatal mental health issues, focusing on wellbeing and connecting with nature.

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Bradford Trident

Amount funded: £49,775

Location: Bradford

Project Description: Bradford Trident through the Roma Connect, will provide a range of activities designed to reduce health inequalities in the Roma communities through the support of trained and experienced staff working with individuals and families, either 1-2-1 or in small groups using a Life-Style Coach model.

People Matters

Amount funded: £49,974

Location: Leeds

Project Description: People Matters will through the project engage and involve communities in activities to promote engagement in self-care management. Building and sharing expertise to address and remove barriers faced by disadvantaged adults when accessing health services.

Leeds Older People’s Forum (LOPF)

Amount funded: £50,000

Location: Leeds

Project Description: LOPF through the Arts project will work with people (50+) in targeted communities, focusing on the Halton Moor and Osmondthorpe, Richmond Hill, Holbeck and Seacroft areas of Leeds, which are in the top 10% deprived in Leeds. We aim to build confidence and improve health and wellbeing using creative arts-based activity with a person-centred approach.

Huddersfield Mission

Amount funded: £50,000

Location: Leeds

Project Description: Huddersfield Mission will provide a free advice and support service for a wide range of people with particular focus on supporting those who have mental health issues, are homeless or are vulnerable in some other way.

The Candlelighters Trust

Amount funded: £52,800

Location: Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, Leeds and Wakefield

Project Description: The Candlelighters Trust project will fund two Community Support Workers who will deliver Candlelighters In Your Community, a service which will support families affected by childhood cancer within their local communities.

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BID services

Amount funded: £69,202

Location: Leeds and Kirklees

Project Description: BID Services’ project addresses health inequalities people with sensory impairments face and breaks down barriers to health information/support by working in partnership with health providers across Leeds and Kirklees.

Inspired Neighbourhoods

Amount funded: £69,760

Location: Bradford

Project Description: Inspired Neighbourhoods will support adults primarily from areas of deprivation to access mental wellbeing support, tackling health inequalities. Due to Bradford demographics, our focus will be to support adults from BAME backgrounds, providing culturally and faith sensitive mental wellbeing services while tackling wider challenges of poverty, poor housing and debt. Our partner Equality Together will support adults with disabilities, Autism and LD as well as Welfare Advise.  

Leeds GATE

Amount funded: £74,848

Location: Bradford and Wakefield

Project Description: Leeds GATE will work in an asset-based community development approach to reduce health inequalities for Gypsies and Travellers living in West Yorkshire.

Dementia Friendly Keighley (DFK)

Amount funded: £74,996

Location: Bradford and Keighley

Project Description: The DFK project will provide a referral pathway to support those living with dementia, their carers/families during their dementia journey and to ensure all families affected by dementia can access both medical and community services in the Keighley locality. 

The Art House

Amount funded: £75,000

Location: Wakefield

Project Description: The ART House project through developing and delivering a series of group programmes and activities combining arts, the great outdoors and mindfulness practices, the ‘Re-emerging’ project aims to help vulnerable people whose mental health has particularly suffered due to the pandemic to re-engage with others in their community so that they can successfully resume their daily lives in a post-pandemic world.

Keighley Healthy Living (KHL)

Amount funded: £75,000

Location: Keighley

Project Description: KHL through the project wants to co-design and test-and-learn from the development of a ‘clinical to community health care pathway’ to-simplify and connect the ‘user journey’ from clinical-health-services to the voluntary sector community-health and crisis support offer, to support people’s longer-term-health solutions as part of their self-care.

Rugby League Cares

Amount funded: £98,907

Location: Leeds, Wakefield & Kirklees districts

Project Description: RLC through the Offload project wants to deliver a mental fitness programme for men.  Delivered by rugby league players it gives men tools to develop a positive mindset and recognise when they or others require further support.

Barca Leeds

Amount funded: £100,092

Location: Leeds

Project Description: Barca Leeds through the project using Health Navigators will provide intensive 1:1 support into health services to address the complex needs of those people sleeping rough. The pandemic highlighted the need for improved access routes into health for people who are rough sleeping. This project is being delivered in partnership with Simon On The Streets.

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For more information on the NHS CT Stage 2 Fund for West Yorkshire and Harrogate – please contact [email protected]