At Leeds Hospitals Charity we have developed a theory of change to ensure that funding is awarded to projects that will have the most impact on patient care and wellbeing making the best use of charitable donations.

A theory of change model is used by many charities, to generate an insight into what impact they can achieve through their work. The model forms the basis for planning, decision-making and ongoing evaluation.

Theory of Change model

Our Theory of Change model shows how our grant funding can have the most impact for patients treated at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. It outlines the changes that the charity wants to achieve, and why.

Theory of Change Model

Download our Theory of Change Model

Theory of Change Narrative

Our Theory of Change Narrative helps to explain why we have developed our theory of change, and how we intend to implement it across the charity, to align with our five-year strategy.

Download our Theory of Change Narrative

If you have any questions at all, please contact the Funding Team on 0113 539 7091 or email [email protected]