We have previously provided funding to The Play Service Team at Leeds Children's Hospital, for a Virtual Reality Play Specialist. This role supports children and young people by helping them use a virtual reality headset during treatment, helping to reduce anxiety and stress for children and their families in the hospital setting.

Thanks to further donations, we have provided funding to expand the virtual reality service at Leeds Children's Hospital, continuing to improve the service of treatment for children, young people and their families. Through funding the team will be able to increase the number of virtual reality headsets to meet the demand for this service and expand to new areas across the hospital.

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Lucy Dove, Virtual Reality Play Specialist at Leeds Children's Hospital said:

“Having these additional headsets within the children's hospital will enable us to reach and support more children with this service. These virtual reality headsets assist children in coping with some treatments or procedures as it gives them an alternative focus, and an escape from the hospital environment. They can also be used before or even after a procedure to help the child relax.

It can also help reduce the number of general anaesthetics for minor operations and procedures, which can reduce a child’s time spent in hospital and overall make their hospital experience more positive.”

This funding will also support the development of six different preparation videos, which will help children prepare for treatments or procedures. These videos will showcase departments in the hospital where children may visit, meet different staff members, and know what to expect during their scan or procedure. These videos will be uploaded on the headsets, and accessible via Leeds Children's Hospital TV, which will help young patients prepare.

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“It’s wonderful to see that donations to Leeds Hospitals Charity are making a real difference to children and young people at Leeds Children’s Hospital. Through these donations it has given the Play Team the opportunity to expand our VR service to support more young patients with their procedures and treatment, overall making their hospital journey more positive.”