Jean has been cared for at Leeds Cancer Centre since she was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2010; Jean also took part in a clinical trail as part of her treatment.

"I was dubbed the ‘wing walking pensioner’ by the local press. I’ve done two wing walks while undergoing treatment for my cancer, skydives and a loop de loop, raising money for charity. I loved it. I also climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge; the views were out of this world. That was to raise money in memory of a late friend.

I would do more if I got the opportunity, I’ve always been incredibly active but I’m grounded at the moment after I broke my femur. I’ve also had covid and pneumonia, and two blood transfusions – I wasn’t expected to live - but I’m here and I’ve just started volunteering in the Charity shop at the Bexley Wing, and I’m still finding ways to fundraise in different ways.

My cancer is incurable, but I’m fortunate that there is always a trial or new treatment I can try. There’s nothing I could ever complain about, especially when having chemotherapy as all the staff are so nice; they go out of their way to help. The care you receive is just amazing."

Fundraising for Leeds Hospitals Charity is important to me. It’s vital that research trials are available. Every patient is different, so no treatment is the same. We need these trials, because even if it doesn’t help you now, it will help somebody else in the future.