Dr Michelle Kwok-Williams is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Leeds Cancer Centre. She also runs Unity - The After Cure Choir.

"We are national leaders in research and strive to be at the cutting edge of cancer treatment, to give the best possible care, patient experience and support. What sets cancer care in Leeds apart is the way we tailor support to each patient and their family during their cancer treatment and follow up. Behind each patient, there’s a huge multi-disciplinary team where specialists contribute their expertise to create a bespoke treatment and care pathway.

Our feedback reflects patients’ appreciation of every person involved, from reception and administrative staff to the clinical teams. In paediatric radiotherapy our play specialist and paediatric radiographers ease younger children’s radiotherapy experience. Medical care is imperative, but what I’ve learnt as a consultant of over 16 years, is the importance of holistic support. Leeds Hospitals Charity provides not only state-of-the art radiotherapy equipment such as the MRI-Simulator, but also welcome extras, such as ambient lighting in treatment rooms for children, which enhances patient’s treatment experience.

One initiative is Unity - The After Cure Choir for survivors of childhood, teenage and young adult cancer. It offers peer support in a less medicalised situation, which patients describe as ‘one big family’. The choir offers purpose, fun and friendship to those who are feeling isolated, as well as a huge sense of achievement, whilst raising funds for the amazing charities that support us."

It's humbling and a privilege to see friendships grow, bonded by these shared experiences. I am so proud of each and every person in the Unity family.