Endometrial cancer is the fourth most common cancer of women in the UK.

The majority of patients present with early disease confined to the uterus and prognosis for endometrial cancer is good with an overall 5-year survival rate of around 80%. However those with more aggressive, high grade disease that is beyond the uterus have much poorer outcomes and treatment options remain limited. Prognosis and treatment options are currently guided by histological diagnosis but this is subject to interpretation thus not always accurate resulting in under or over treating patients.

Racheal Johnson is a  gynaecology-oncology clinical research doctor at St James University Hospital. Leeds Hospitals Charity have awarded £5,000 for laboratory resources and equipment to support her research into a new type of cancer treatment called immunotherapy.

It helps the immune system to fight cancer, and in 2021 it became available for certain types of endometrial cancer. As this is a new treatment, Racheal is conducting research to understand the immune cell landscape of endometrial cancer so Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust can improve this treatment and identify who is most likely to receive a benefit from it.

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