Originally built with care for infectious diseases in mind, the current home of the Centre is now showing its age. Significantly, the technology relating to the care needs of people with MND has moved on, whilst the building remains the same.

The current MND centre is located on a busy multi-purpose ward not built with MND patients in mind and without the ability to be fitted with equipment and facilities for those who are physically impaired.

Over the past ten years, referrals to the Leeds MND centre have doubled, with 40 new referrals each year. To continue to provide the best quality service, the team need access to facilities tailored to their patients' specific needs.

Behind the Scenes at the Motor Neurone Disease clinic.

As part of our 7 stories of MND exhibition, we went "behind the scenes" at the current MND clinic at Seacroft Hospital

7 Stories Behind the Scenes

“We recognised the need for a dedicated centre in Leeds, which we know will make a huge difference to many affected by this cruel disease. I can envisage our centre becoming a flagship in the UK and I hope that this will inspire others to replicate this up and down the country, offering thousands of MND sufferers the best quality of life and help us get closer to finding a cure one day.”

- Esther Wakeman, Chief Executive, Leeds Hospitals Charity