In five years’ time, we will open the doors to a children’s hospital that will put Leeds on the global map for healthcare.

Our new hospital will be designed to deliver personalised medicine to every child and young person who needs care, complete with the latest technology and the best medical equipment.

Bringing all services into a dedicated single building for Leeds Children’s Hospital will be the catalyst for significant improvements:

Providing truly integrated care

Our new hospital will have all specialities and children’s services under one roof, meaning that whatever care our young people need, they’ll be able to access it, all in one place.

Giving hope to our sickest children through ground-breaking research

Leeds Children’s Hospital has already transformed cancer survival rates for children in Yorkshire to be among the best in the world. We now have the chance to build on this remarkable achievement and advance research in other areas to discover cures for major childhood diseases.

Delivering faster recovery times using latest technologies

In our new hospital, care delivery will be planned in the most effective way. Children will only be brought into the hospital when it is absolutely necessary and the latest technology will mean their stay will be shorter.

A hospital designed with children in mind

The future-proof building will have a welcoming entrance, a child-friendly atrium and innovative wards that will support the recovery process. Digital innovation will be harnessed to give children who need to stay for long periods access to everything from an integrated school service to virtual reality headsets.

Our goal is to guarantee the same excellence of care for every child, of every age and every condition. We believe they each deserve the same chance in a hospital that is never second best.

With your help, the difference this new hospital will make for the 250,000 families from our region could be life-changing.

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