I provide care, support, and advice for people with melanoma from Leeds and across the region - all the way out to the North Yorkshire Moors.

People come to Leeds Cancer Centre for cancer diagnoses and treatments. But timing is key - the sooner the diagnosis – the sooner the treatment and the better the outcome for patients.

I’m reaching out to you today as we need your help to purchase an ultrasound scanner to improve the hospital experience of our patients with melanoma.

Thanks to new treatments, more people with melanoma can and do survive.

But every few months a follow up is needed to see if their cancer has come back, or worse, spread to their lymph nodes.

Can you give a gift to help buy an ultrasound scanner, so patients will have the best care and treatment possible? The ultrasound scanner means melanoma patients could have a more thorough and accurate examination in the clinic and can get any treatment they need much sooner.

Leeds Cancer Centre urgently needs an ultrasound scanner to give patients with melanoma the best care and treatment possible.

Please donate today towards this crucial piece of equipment.

Thank you

We know that some people reading this might be affected by cancer and going through a difficult time.

Leeds Cancer Support teams offer a comprehensive range of support services, from information and advice to health and wellbeing therapies to anyone affected by cancer; patients, those supporting them and their families.

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