Cancer diagnoses are on the rise, and melanoma is the fifth most common cancer diagnoses in the UK.

The agonising wait for test results can have a massive impact on health and wellbeing for patients.

The ultrasound scanner would help give our patients peace of mind. They would be able to know more quickly if their cancer has returned or spread.

Tamsin, a single mother of three, works full-time and is also a carer for her elderly parents

“It took weeks and weeks to get my biopsy results back. Night after night, I’d lay in bed wondering "do I have cancer?", "am I going to die?" and then I’d wake up thinking it was all a dream. It was constantly on my mind; the wait was agonising. I wish there had been an ultrasound scanner when I first visited the clinic, it would have saved me weeks of stress and anxiety waiting for my results back.”

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