Clinical Specialist Nurse Helen gives her top tips for staying safe in the sun.

Staying safe in the sun is so important especially as we approach the summer months (even here in England the sun can be powerful!)

Sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer, but with a few handy tips you can help protect your skin from the sun:

1. Always apply sunscreen, use a SPF of at least 30. Remember, the sun is at its strongest in the UK between 11 am and 3 pm from March – Oct and UV rays are just as potent when it’s cloudy, so always put on sunscreen.

2. Don’t forget to wear a hat, a wide-brimmed one is best, sunglasses and also try and wear long sleeved tops.

3. Sunscreen should ideally be applied every two hours and you should reapply straight away if you’ve been in water.

4. Avoid using sunbeds or sunlamps.

We know that some people reading this might be affected by cancer and going through a difficult time.

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